Meet Amelia


Hi!  I’m Amelia, the blogger behind Wanderlust, and Coming Home.  I’m a proud Kentuckian, born and raised, with a penchant for exploring new places.  I love my home in the Bluegrass State, but my wandering spirit takes me to places far and away as often as I can make it happen.  My ideal day would involve walking through a city with lots of energy and art, having a snack in a quirky cafe, getting the perfect photograph that captures the day’s adventures, and enjoying the evening with a glass of wine or craft beer.  Sometimes, that perfect day happens in my own backyard in Lexington, Kentucky.  Others, that day would take me to Barcelona, a town in Cinque Terre, or all the way to Cape Town.  Wherever it is, my wandering heart is happiest when I encounter something new and expand my view of the world around me and the people with whom I share it.

I’m inspired to write this blog as an outlet for all of the things that I find wonderful, interesting, and beautiful about our world, both as far as I can wander and as close to home as I can get.  I love everything from taking a hike on a sunny day with my husband, toddler daughter, and two dogs (a Chihuahua and a Jackhuahua) to sipping a cocktail in a new restaurant to redoing an old house, and I hope you’ll share in my interests.

Random facts?  In total, I spent more than a year of my life on South Holston Lake at Camp Sequoya in Abingdon, Virginia.  I love to waterski and learned at Sequoya, but wakeboarding is not my thing.  I think old houses have personality.  A picture really can speak a thousand words.  A life is not complete without a dog, good friends, and love.  Kentucky has it all:  good people, good bourbon, pretty horses, and beautiful countryside.

My best advice:  wander as far as you can, for it makes coming home that much sweeter.

© Amelia Adams 2019

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