Meet Amelia


Hi!  I’m Amelia, the blogger behind Wanderlust, and Coming Home.  I’m a proud Kentuckian with a penchant for exploring new places.  I love my home in the Bluegrass State, but my wandering spirit takes me to new places as often as I can make it happen.  My ideal day includes wandering through a city that’s alive with energy and art, snacking in a quirky cafe, snapping a photo that perfectly captures the day’s adventures, and watching the evening dim with a glass of local wine or craft beer.  Sometimes, I find that perfect day in my backyard in Lexington, Kentucky.  Others, that perfect day lives in Barcelona, Cinque Terre, or Cape Town.  Wherever it is, my heart is happiest when I expand my view of the world around me by learning something new about the people  and places with whom I share it.

I’m inspired to write this blog as an outlet for all of the things that I find wonderful, interesting, and beautiful about our world, both in my hometown and as far as I can wander.  I love taking hikes on sunny days my husband, daughter, and two tiny dogs as much as I love sipping cocktails in a new restaurant and redoing an old house.  I hope you’ll share my interests.

Random facts?  Growing up, I spent more than a year of my life on South Holston Lake at Camp Sequoya in Abingdon, Virginia.  I love waterskiing, and the sound of a boat skipping across a lake will always remind me of Sequoya.  I think old houses tell stories if you listen.  Iced coffee is > hot coffee.  Pictures really can speak a thousand words, and memories are so we can have roses in December.  Life is not complete without a dog, friends, love, and books.  Kentucky is the superfecta:  friendly people, tasty cuisine, towering mountains, rolling fields, and bourbon cocktails galore.

My best advice is to wander as far as you can, as often as you can, because every adventure makes coming home that much sweeter.

© Amelia Adams 2019

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