Photo Friday: Jungfraujoch, The Top of Europe


SNAPPED: Located near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, the Jungfrau is one of the highest summits of the Bernese Alps. Thanks to a bit of forward thinking that began more than a hundred years ago, the highest and steepest cog railway in Europe now transports passengers to Jungfraujoch at the peak of the mountain. Called the “Top of Europe,” Jungfraujoch gives visitors breathtaking views of the Alps in every direction. While you’re there, you can also visit the Ice Palace, enjoy snow sports, take a ride with a sled dog, have a gourmet dinner, or send a postcard from the highest post office in Europe. In today’s Photo Friday, you can see a picture I snapped of a man gearing up to go snowboarding on the Jungfrau. The thing I love about this picture is the wall of white behind him that was created by a gust of wind blowing over the top of a snow bank. It makes it look like he’s sitting on the edge of a great white cliff while the Swiss flag carefully watches over him. This shot is one of the many reasons that visiting Jungfraujoch will forever be in my book of memories as one of my best days!

© Copyright 2015 Amelia Adams