Photo Friday: Fat Tuesday at Bourbon n’ Toulouse

BnT 2

SNAPPED:  Even a record snowstorm can’t keep Lexington residents away from their favorite Cajun spot on Fat Tuesday!  Bourbon n’ Toulouse, a Cajun n’ Creole Joint, has been delighting diners in the heart of Chevy Chase since 2004.  They offer delicious Louisiana cuisine in a great, hole-in-the-wall atmosphere.  Catering to meat lovers, seafood fans, and vegetarians alike, everyone can find something that suits their tastes at BnT — especially their famous bread with spiced, melted butter.  They’re always busy on Fat Tuesday, but this year, crowds were even bigger because BnT gave stir-crazy Lexingtonians a reason to venture out into the blizzard to grab an Abita, a piece of King Cake, and a heaping helping of gator étoufée, gumbo, or shrimp boil (crawfish were delayed by the storm), among many other fan favorites.  Mr. WACH and I stopped by for dinner, and the wait was well worth it.  BnT was decked out in beads and Mardi Gras colors, and everyone was in great spirits despite the dreary weather.  We shared a table with two nice Mardi Gras enthusiasts and enjoyed watching part of the UK vs. UT men’s basketball game with at least fifty of our neighbors.  If you’re in the mood for a little Cajun and Creole, I highly recommend visiting Bourbon n’ Toulouse on Euclid for lunch, dinner, or takeout.  We had a great tailgating spread from BnT for the UK vs. LSU football game last fall, and it was a big hit all around!

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